Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prepare for a BUNCH...

If you read my last post, "Warming Love", you can gather that life has been pretty rough the past few months.  My mother recently was in the hospital for near-death scares.  My sister's wedding was approaching and schedules were packed.  I was questioning my new relationship with my boyfriend and filled it with doubt.  And above all, my computer, my life-line totally fried.

As an animator, my computer is beyond important.  It is close to impossible to create any film without a digital component, let alone a computer.  To be quite honest, when my computer broke it was the end of my world.  It was just that "what other BAD things could happen to me?" moment.

Though getting a new computer was an absolute need, I had to put it on back burner because it just wasn't that important among the things that was going on in my life.  My mom's health came first; my sister's wedding came second; my job came third; my boyfriend came fourth; then my art.

Such a shame, if I think about it now.  I tried to pray about it but I just couldn't think about it.  I didn't have the finance for it.  I didn't have the energy for it.  I just couldn't deal with it.

I sucked it up, and surrendered everything to Jesus, which I should of done a long time ago.  And He provided!  My sister's wedding was flawlessly amazing.  My mom is recovering and is even back to work.  My relationship with Se├ín (my boyfriend, obviously) couldn't be more loving.  And most importantly, from people I am sooooo blessed to have, I only had to pay $188 out of pocket for my computer!

I know I was struggling for quite sometime but He will ALWAYS provide.  I know I forget about it at times but it is things like this that make really truly remember how blessed I am.

So prepare yourself for a BUNCH of new animation/singing projects! To start, listen to me singing at my sister's best friend's wedding!