Sunday, December 23, 2012


Check out my interview from RKA Ink!!

Yeah, I am sort of...awesome! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emmanuel: the Greatest Invasion

I was blessed enough to be part of the creative team for Church in the City's 
Christmas service held on December 9th.
The theme of the service was Emmanuel: the Greatest Invasion.
We really focused on the invasion, immerse love of Jesus coming to earth.
Not only did I help create the entire untraditional service, I was in charge of three videos,
as well as the entire esthetic of the auditorium.  For this, I did a grand installation of paper cone Christmas trees and hundred of candle-lit tin cans.  

A video of the service is soon to be made but in the meantime, enjoy this fantastic video titled,

The Marriage Course

The newest animation I have done is up and running.  Just a quick promo video for 
my church for their upcoming marriage course.

Enjoy the love!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days of Nativity

It is that time of year, ladies and gents!
the 25 DAYS OF... have begun!

(If you never saw last year's 25 Days of Danielle, click here!)

This year, I present... 
25 Days of Nativity Scene

BB Jesus is born!!

December 24-MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!! The angel is upon us!!
December 23-Me as the bull
December 22-Oink Oink, I say.
December 21-Happy birthday, my friend Jesi!!
December 20-Dave and Kathy's sweet baby as the cat

December 19th-Dave and Kathy's middle girl as the dancing chicken

December 18th-Dave and Kathy's oldest girl as third chicken...

December 17-Dave and Kathy's oldest boy is the pig...
December 16-Kathy is the next chicken!

December 15-Spicing it up today with a feature from my dear friend, DAVE, as a chicken!!!

December 14-BB as the lonely Shepard...

December 13th-BB as yet again a sheep...

December 12-BB, stars once again

December 11-BB as sheep #1
December 10-BB, so purrr-fectly a donkey

December 9-BB, the Innkeeper

December 8-BB, yet again as Catmel...#3 this time

December 7th-BB as Wiseman #3
December 6-BB as Catmel #2

December 5th-BB as Wiseman #2
December 4-BB (my house cat) as Camel #1

December 3rd-Courtney (my other roommate) as Wiseman #1
December 2nd-Ashley (my roommate) as Mary
December 1st-Me as Joseph