Sunday, October 9, 2011

girl in the corner.

In October 2006, I created this sculpture entitled "girl in the corner."  It was created in response to the reaction of my mom being diagnosed with cancer. 

I then wrote a poem to go along with the piece which is written below. 

girl in the corner.

a porcelain girl shattered in the heart
that was deeply wounded and pulled apart
from the comfort she had before that day
that made her sunrise turn gray

now worry sadness mixed with fear
floods her body with every last tear
the pain she feels, a punch of nails
scrape and destroy her body so frail

she hunches over low to the ground
escaping any person, any sound
her broken figure stays in the corner
hiding from the misery that mourned her

the blood she pours carries pain
that leaves a trail, a crimson stain
the comfort that made her sunrise turn gray
will slowly come back yet another day

that porcelain girl still pulled apart
will await in her corner with a broken heart

I made this poem into lyrics and wrote my first ever original song.  I then created this music video.

Copyright Danielle Albert 2012

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