Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Will Fill You In...

I figured maybe I should fill you in on my life besides that little poem I wrote.
I grew up in a creative family with artists, singers, and musicians.  I started singing real young and joined my first official choir in the third grade.  I found my love in theatre where I studied and performed in it until the end of high school.  There was a time where I wanted to go to college for acting but come junior year of high school I realized I loved making the props and set more than the actually acting side of theatre.  I started taking art classes then and found my love in that.

I took a college visit to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago summer of 2005.  I got to stay in their dorms and go through a nice orientation to understand The School.  To check in for the weekend, we needed to go to the 17th floor (the top floor; a quarter of a city block) studio in the dorm located in the heart of downtown Chicago.  When I stepped off that elevator and opened the doors, I knew this was where I needed to be.

I got accepted a few months later and I cried.

At S.A.I.C., I started my education with film and video.  I realized editing was what I loved mostly about that process.  I finally took animation classes come my second year where I studied traditional, stop-motion/puppet, and 3D computer animation.  During this, I would take random sculpture classes to give myself a break from the tedious job of animating.  I have always loved sculpting and mix-media art so it is understandable why puppet /stop-motion animation became my real passion.  There is nothing more fun than making puppets and sets for a stop-motion film.

Sometimes I would even just build tiny sets and never end up animating them.  I enjoy it that much.  I also found that creating my own Foley sound effects was a joy of mine too.  All my films have original sound effects created by mixing and creating Foley.

My last year at The School I finally intertwined my singing with my animations.  My senior year B.F.A. thesis animation was an 11-minute stop-motion film with an original song in the credits.

And From the Glass the Flowers Grow
And From the Glass the Flowers Grow (Abridged Music Video)

Copyright Danielle Albert 2012

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