Friday, October 14, 2011

The Magic Boat

From June 2010 through May 2011, I was part of an independent studio here in Chicago called Colorphony Creations.  Here, I was part of a project called The Magic Boat, a children's puppet show.  My role on this webisode series was Animator, Prop Maker, Set Designer, Editor, Foley Artist, and Co-creator.

These puppets were created by me for the introduction of the show.  They are stop-motion puppets ranging from three inches to seven inches in height.  Each puppet is structured with a metal skeleton with working joints.  Their bodies are carved from upholstery foam and dressed with fabric.

Fin and Shep Crow Brothers
Brother Abbot, Rynan, and Cap'n Gown
Chef Otter, Caroline, and Brother Bear
These are the hand puppets used in the webisodes.  They are about two to three feet in height.  All are made from upholstery foam and fabric.

Rynan, Brother Bear, and Brother Abbot

Cap'n Gown, Chef Otter, Caroline

Shep and Fin Crow Brothers
In early 2011, The Magic Boat received a grant to perform live shows in the park of Wicker Park.  I was part of the set design and prop making department. 
Shep, Brother Bear, Cap'n Gown, and Brother Abbot

Bee Costume, Part of Set, Boot Prop

The Magic Boat Live Show

Here is one of the most current webisodes of The Magic Boat.  To view all the episodes, visit their website!
The Magic Boat - 01 The King Banana from Colorphony Creations on Vimeo

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